Day: Two
August 20th 2011 
Work as usual, thought I’d snag an okay shot of my work place… when does Walmart ever really look good? 
Surprisingly, Today I don’t have much to complain about… I worked hard, got things done, got bored towards the end with the constant “Zone Zone Zone” and the returns, but that’s a daily thing and complaining won’t change it at all. My manager was happy, So I was happy. I’ve kind of been struggling with a few things lately but for some reason, God has been giving me music that totally sparks creative influence… or gives me an answer… I like that.  Its much better sounding than getting pulled over, or talked to by a figure of authority in order to learn something. I’ll post the song to the left of this photo on the front page. I don’t know what I love about it so much, it’s just cool. I think im going to post a quote from my day at the end of every post, Just to start some kind of tradition…. I found this while poking through a book my “neighbors” got me for a graduation gift:
"Number 353. You need to know the odds are your high-school relationship won’t last three months on campus. If God wants you to be together in four or five years, it doesn’t matter if one of you goes to the moon. You’ll be back together." 1001 Things Every Graduate Should Know By: Harry H. Harrison JR.
Day: One
August 19th 2011
I Took this photo about 10 minutes ago and I like it, Its the field outside my front door with the overlook and my silly car, Ruby the 1999 Plymouth Neon.
At this point, work is what I’m dreading… but that might change. As long as one of the overnight women isn’t there it should be fine. The last hour is always the hardest for me due to her hostility an just plain bad people skills.
College seems close and far at the same time, even though its only two an a half weeks off. I have yet to see if I got into my history course and take my test so I can choose a math one… I believe it’s getting on my parents nerves.
My friends are currently celebrating Steph C.’s birthday somewhere and I wish I was with them, I’d call out but I only have 3 sick days every six months and I have two left not to mention I’d feel bad leaving everyone behind on a busy retail day… Kind of. But I plan in getting her a gift for whenever I see her next. I’m pretty sure I know what it will be, just not what it is… if that makes any sense. 
While writing this I’ve come to the conclusion that it will probably be easier to not write this on an iPod again and to do this the day after… Oh well now you will all miss my complaining about work, lucky you.
On a final note, I feel like this should be a famous quote: “Change seems scary at first, but I know it’s inevitable, and I always end up enjoying it.” but its not, I wrote it… and I’m almost proud of it. 
Day: One part One
 My Name: Zachary Donaldson
 Why Tumblr: I need a way to get my brain out to the world, my thoughts, desires, creativity, and emotion onto something that has life but doesn’t bleed. 
Current Location: The Future Site of the C.S. Lewis College… my parents both volunteer here, I live upstairs. 
 Interests: Photography. Art. Culture. History. Writing. Friends. Music. You’ll see a lot of these
 366 Days of writing once a day and photographing a year may get hard, but I’ll always find the time.
Warnings: I will complain, so don’t think for a second I wont. I will speak my mind and I am opinionated.